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Sourdough Pancake™

Item#: 001
Right or Left Hand
Gun Model
Inside The Waistband Straps - Pair (includes holes) (+$15.00)
Punch Inside/Out Holes (I already have the straps from another holster) (+$10.00)
Removable Hammer Strap (+$15.00)
Border Stamping (+$5.00)
Basket Weave (+$25.00)
Fish Scale Embossing (+$25.00)
Floral Carving (+$70.00)
Celtic Knot Carving (+$70.00)
with Chesty Puller Harness (+$60.00)
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Stamping examples
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This rugged field or concealment holster is made from 8-9 oz. steer shoulder. It is tightly molded to the gun, and does not require a thumb strap for retention. The gun is positioned so that the back of the trigger guard is exposed, while the trigger remains covered, ensuring a good grip every time you reach for your pistol. We make it in a variety of barrel lengths to fit your pistol. This design securely holds the revolver with the opposing tension of the offset belt loops. The holster is designed to be carried either strong side or crossdraw.  The hand molding of the holster, to the revolver’s contours also helps to provide retention. The Sourdough is a high ride holster and for most medium to short barrel guns and does not require a sewn toe. This is the holster that Rob carries his pistols in while hunting and fishing.
Note: Floral or Celtic knot carving do not work well with black; oxblood or tan work better. Fishscale,  or border stamping is not  available option for Celtic knot work.

For deeper concealment & quick on off convenience, get the bolt on “Inside The Waistband Straps.” This allows you to tuck the holster inside your waistband securely. If you already have the IWB straps you can have us just punch the holes. The belt slots are 1 3/4", Pancakes will work fine with heavy 1.5" belts.

This holster is made for medium and large frame revolvers. The Silver Dollar is a scaled down version of this holster for small framed guns.

If you do not see your exact gun model and /or barrel length in the drop down choices, please choose the closest model and type in the exact gun model and barrel length.  There is also a window to add any additional info regarding your firearm.

To view guns we can make this holster for click here to view gun chart.  We have combined the Long Hunter with the Sourdough.

While at Bucky O’Neil Guns, in Prescott, AZ. Rob had a customer approach him. He was wearing a tee shirt and jeans, average build. He said he was wearing a Sourdough Pancake holster with a Ruger Alaskan. Sure enough he had a 454 carried in the kidney position completely concealed by his tee shirt.

Read more click here and here

Inside the waistband carry. Fish scale on
holster and cartridge slide.

Example of fish scale on holster and cartridge slide.

Celtic Carving with basketweave background, oxblood color. Sourdough for a Ruger Alaska
with inside outs bolted on.
One of the first Sourdoughs ever built. Dennis swam
over a mile with this rig on...It's a long story:-)

Ruger Alaskan 120 and the Sourdough. The
Sourdough protects the gun & user far better.


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