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Quick Strips™ - 2 Strips per Package

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Finally! Someone has created Quick Strips in 44, 45 & 50 caliber. Tuff Products has introduced their own injection molded speed strips. We have them in 38/357, 44/45 (50 AE’s0 work in this one) and 500 caliber 480’s and 475’s work in this strip. These strips are all designed to hold 6 to 10 cartridges, they work great with just 5 or 6 rounds in them too. The Quick Strips fit inside the Most Versatile Pouch.
Load 2 cartridges at a time fumble free, all your ammo in one bunch, no juggling of loose ammo. These allow you to top off if just a few shots are used. You don’t have to wait until your gun is empty to reload.

You can trim these to length or leave extra cartridge slots empty

Great for easy of carry, quick reload,
.22 x 10 fits .22 LR and .22 magnum
.32 x 8 32 short long H&R Magnum
and 327 Federal
.38 x 6 38 /357
.38 x 8 38 /357
.44/45×6 .44 Russian, Special, Magnum
and 45 Colt x 6
.45 Auto Rim x 6
.475/480 500S&W x 6

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